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Thank you for your interest in joining me for How To Change The World.

This session will include the most important insights from my book How To Change The World, and exercises I have used with groups and individuals on four continents.

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I want to see you take control of your life

I won't be telling you what specific changes you should make. You wouldn't want that.

Instead, I'll share stories about people who have made a big impact, in many different ways, suggest how you might break down your most ambitious ideas into manageable pieces – then encourage you to get started.

Your fee

When I'm working with groups, I charge thousands of pounds for this material. When I'm working with individuals, I charge £450 plus VAT for one hour.

To charge as little as £75 (plus VAT) is probably crazy, but I'm keen to work with as many as possible of the people around the world who get in touch with me – and excited to deliver real value for you.

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£75 (plus VAT)