"Mysticism Is The Art Of Union With Reality"

Evelyn Underwood is one of the most important women in the Anglican (Episcopal) church. She’s one of very few who are celebrated in the Anglican calendar.

But her gravestone, until recently, identified her only as somebody else’s wife, without her surname: “…and his wife Evelyn”.

This post is part of a series, introducing my book Psalms for the City.
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I drew this bold poster, taking a teeny tiny bit of inspiration from the artist Sister Corita Kent, to help promote a campaign to commemorate her with a new gravestone.


Underhill is best remembered (by those who remember her at all!) as a Christian mystic and contemplative. I have enjoyed reading her books. I’d enjoy illustrating them, for new publication.

Just thought I’d say that, and put it out there – because you never know what might happen!

That new gravestone is now in place. I drew it, and that drawing appears in Psalms for the City.