More ethical fashion brands

Everybody knows what unethical looks like — sweatshop labour, wastefulness — but what about ethical, and who are its stars?

Lily Cole
The model Lily Cole has co-founded a clothing business using wool from rare-breed Wensleydale sheep, which has been hand-knitted into garments in the UK, providing meaningful paid work to British knitters and reducing the carbon footprint. It specialises in cool, artisan-produced knitwear and is part of the British Fashion Council’s sustainable initiative, Estethica, which mentors ethical start-ups.

Prince Charles
In January, Prince Charles launched a venture to promote the virtues of this sustainable, locally sourced fibre, which requires far fewer carbon emissions in its production than man-made yarns.

Traid Remade
Set up by the Traid charity, it makes glamorous one-offs, using recycled bits and pieces donated by the public, from a workshop in Brighton.

Fine cell work
This charity teaches needlework skills in prison to provide a skill for inmates to use on their release, and sustains itself by selling the exquisite textiles.

Stella McCartney
Her HQ and stores use renewable energy, her packaging is 100% biodegradable, her office stationery is recyclable and online customers are asked to pay to offset the carbon footprint of delivery.

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