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JP Flintoff

Me, in 18 seconds

By John-Paul Flintoff

I’m a writer, mostly.

I worked for 15 years as writer and associate editor on some of the best newspapers and magazines in English.

I also perform on stage occasionally, having trained in impro with Keith Johnstone – and I draw on that too when I teach storytelling.

I have also worked as bin man, executive PA, scuba diver, poet, taxi driver, tailor, gardener, ice-cream salesman, hairdresser, assistant undertaker, bit-part player in pantomime, waiter, illustrator, high-wire window cleaner, photographer, very amateur boxer, karaoke singer, rat catcher, and more.

I’m mad keen on making things: drawings, paintings, prints, handmade books, bread and clothing.

I’m British. Tall, left-handed. I wear size 11 shoes. Ride a Brompton bicycle, drive a G-Wiz.

I’m married, with a daughter. We live in London.

What am I doing now? See my now page, which changes every so often.

Posted: October 10, 2017