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I could pretend I don’t like talking in public, and come over all awkward. But that would be false, because I do.

I’ve addressed audiences of as many as 5,000 people at once, on four continents, and run workshops for thousands of people.

In fact I find the business of speaking so fascinating that I wrote a book about it.

The book

The book contains principles and methods I learned as a journalist (Financial Times, Sunday Times), as the author of fiction and non-fiction, and as a theatrical improviser.

Like anybody else, I was extremely nervous when I started speaking. I still am, usually, before giving a talk. And I think that’s good, because you shouldn’t be too relaxed.

A lot of people don’t realise that. So they don’t speak. I wrote the book to help such people find a voice.

This was the first review to appear on Amazon (I didn’t write it!):

What I talk about

I also actually deliver talks. Sometimes talks about talks – about better communication, sharing ideas, working things out together.

Plus, I talk about:

As often as not, the talks are interactive. Here’s one I gave in South Korea:

I have also delivered a number of talks about my stay in psychiatric hospital after a breakdown, and my subsequent recovery. These tend to be less interactive (!) though I love being asked questions.


Here’s feedback from a talk at a City of London law firm, which I delivered in person:

And on the same subject, delivered via Zoom to 200 people in a large company:

Also: not corporate

And if you’re still here – oh, I see that you are! – here’s some feedback from a rather different occasion: a talk with interaction at a prison in Scotland.

“To tell you the truth, I only went to see this guy to get the afternoon off work… so I was really surprised that I enjoyed it.”

“There are few occasions when you can genuinely forget that you are ‘inside’ when you are a guest of Her Majesty, but this was surely one of them, and it lasted for a whole afternoon.”

Work with me

If you’d like me to talk to your company, group, organisation (or inmates), please get in touch.

And / or if you’d like to learn to have similar effect in your own talks and presentations, well, the book is widely available. And I do run the occasional workshop / mentor individuals.

I’l be happy to hear from you.