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Adequate Projects Is Changing

In the last year or so, I’ve helped several writers to complete books. I’ve done this in several ways: ghost-writing, mentoring, and teaching. I’ve decided to make this part of what Adequate Projects is for.

In 2023, AP will become a rolling series of group workshops and courses. These will be open to anybody, but AP members get a 30% discount.

It’s taken me a couple of years to work out that AP needed to be more than just a place to share my own work. I want to do that in such a way that it helps you to create your own, and put it out there.

For that reason, the sessions will initially be live, and interactive. I’ll save the recordings for people who may come along later.

You can see some of the courses I have planned on this page.

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Livestream Calendar

I’m doing livestream broadcasts on YouTube every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4.30pm UK. They’re open to anybody but afterwards the recording archive (linked here) is available only to AP members:

Mondays are related to art.

25 rough hand sketched head and shoulders images in shades of grey

Wednesdays are on how to Think Like A Journalist.

Highwire Rhetoric

Friday is Highwire Rhetoric. Writing challenges in the moment.

Upcoming episodes can be found on the homepage of my YouTube channel.

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This month’s Outstagram comprises (nearly) all the artworks I uploaded to this site last month – approximately one every two days.

Most are drawings of the area where I live. More than one every two days, amazingly.

I did also draw other things, including several more “sketches of photos” in the ongoing series I’ve been doing recently:


30% Discount For AP Members

I could do with your help! I think I have set up my online shop so that AP members get a 30% discount on anything on sale there. All you need to do is apply this discount code at the checkout: U8H73WW4.

To be honest, although this seems to work for me I’m not sure it works for anybody else, so I’d be thrilled if you tried it!

If you would like something you’ve seen somewhere else that isn’t in the shop currently, please just tell me and I’ll upload it there so you can try to apply the discount.

The shop is here:

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