How To Write A Book Proposal

In this episode of my “ADEQUATE podcast”, I interview my agent Jaime Marshall about how A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech came into being.

We talk about the title, and the business of putting together the book proposal that Jaime submitted to my publisher, Short Books.

(You can buy the book.)


Do You Have A Book In You?

Many journalists dream of writing a book. But freak out at the idea, and never do it, precisely because it is a book.

The investment of time seems vast, the readership is unfamiliar, and the writing itself requires mastery of new skills. I know how overwhelming it can be, and how to overcome it. I know it’s easier if you have an ally.

After staff jobs on major newspapers and magazines I have published seven books (available in 16 languages): non-fiction, fiction, poetry, illustration, memoir and how-to. Some were commissioned, others were written on spec. And in the last two years I’ve mentored four writers with publishing deals.

Could you be next?

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