“How to talk about yourself on video”


(Message to me from someone a little camera-shy.)

Until you’ve done it a few times, you’re bound to feel uncomfortable showing up on video – most people continue to feel uncomfortable for a very long time.

All the same many of us understand that it is important to show our faces, and share our voices.

In this example, as you see, someone I know was asked by a client to record a video of herself sharing her expertise.

What to do?

Public speaking (and making videos) is one of those things we might intend to do “very soon” – i.e., perhaps never.

Last year, I asked a few people about this and was amused/sorry to hear that many have recorded videos on their phone, into the void as it were, and never shared them because they felt they looked weird.

I’m convinced that the only way around this is to record a video for a specific person.

Then you will look and sound natural.

Someone who will encourage you, push you to DO IT rather than remain mired in perfectionism – and encourage you to do it as well as possible in the time available.

If you can’t find the right person to help – well, you know where I am.

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