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How To Do A Wedding Speech?

“How to talk at a wedding?” Penny Smith asked, when I arrived (late!) on her live talkRADIO show.

Penny, who is obviously a very accomplished speaker, what with having her own radio show, said she’d once had a really ghastly experience at a wedding.

“I kept looking around at all these people wanting to eat their tea. And I was the barrier,” she said. “So I got faster and faster, and my voice got higher, so that by the end only a dog could hear it…”

In reply, I told her what I’d have told her at the time, at that wedding, if I was a tiny figure on her shoulder.

We went on to talk, among other things, about the time I gave a speech while on day release from psychiatric hospital. (Woah! Too much information?)

You can listen to our 10 minute chat by finding its start, at 9.27am in this recording:

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Posted: February 14, 2021

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John-Paul Flintoff headshot, with Yours Truly written across it John-Paul Flintoff is author of six books, in 16 languages, including How To Change The World and A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech. He worked for 15 years as writer and associate editor on the Financial Times, the Sunday Times and other papers and magazines.

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