How To Change The World

My bestselling book, in 18 minutes of speech

Welcome! I’m John-Paul, and this is How To Change The World.

This is a talk I gave at TEDx Athens, about what you need to do to change, if not necessarily the whole world, at least your world. It’s 18 minutes long: short considering that it gives you the essentials of my 2012 book, How To Change The World.

A bit too short, perhaps: I packed a lot in, which is why I talk a bit too fast. But hey, it was one of the first times I’d made a speech like this, to a big audience, outside the UK, and I confess I was nervous and eager to deliver lots of useful tips.

If you want the transcript, to read at your leisure, be my guest. There’s a link to the file at the bottom of this page1, and a link to buy the book (thank you) on Amazon2.

Either way, I recommend that you take notes as you go along, because this framework for making change is (if I may say so) fairly robust, grounded in lots of research. By the end you will see, I hope, that you too could be one of the great change-makers – putting an end to something awful, or starting something wonderful.

What next?

Making that speech led to more speeches, and opened me up to the world of performance generally (I trained in theatrical impro). Over time, I became more and more fascinated by speechmaking itself. Early in 2021 I published A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech (Short Books)3.

(Yes, it amuses me to have followed the grandiose title “How To Change The World” with “A Modest Book…”)

The latest book is a natural extension of the ideas in HTCTW, because virtually anybody who ever made an impact in the world did so by appearing in front of others and sharing ideas… [ Keep reading… ]


1 How To Change The World TEDx Athens John-Paul Flintoff Transcript.pdf (132.9 kB) ^back

2 Buy How To Change The World, on Amazon ^back

3 Buy A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech, Amazon ^back