How To Change The World

My bestselling book, in 18 minutes of speech

Welcome! I’m John-Paul, and this is How To Change The World.

Not necessarily the whole world, but your world – at least to start with.

This is a talk I gave at TEDx Athens, about what you need to do to change. It’s 18 minutes long: short considering that it gives you the essentials of my book, How To Change The World1.

A bit too short, perhaps: I packed a lot in, which is why I talk a bit too fast.

But hey, it was one of the first times I’d made a speech like this, to a big audience, outside the UK, and I confess I was nervous and eager to deliver lots of useful tips.

Since then, I’ve also published a book about public speaking2. And now I’ve combined them both, to help would-be world-changers.


1 Buy How To Change The World, on Amazon

2 Buy A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech, Amazon