How to change the world, in America

I’m so pleased, and excited, to have my book published in the US because it contains so much material about north Americans who have done remarkable, world-changing things, including (but not only): Gene Sharp, Rosa Parks, Miranda July, Joanna Macy, Fred Mulder, Martin Seligman, the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the chap (should say guy, perhaps, in this context) who started all the dancing at that music festival in Canada (see book, chapter six).

And as you may know if you read my previous book Sew Your Own, I am also indebted to and inspired by many others, including (but not only) Richard Gere, Daryl Hannah, and the original Craftivist, Betsy Greer. And of course many, many more whom I have written about as a journalist (sometimes in stories you may find elsewhere on this site).

So: hurrah! Or, Yee-hah!