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From April 2024 I’m running a year-long programme of courses, with weekly Ask-Me-Anything drop-ins on Zoom.

And these are some of the courses that will run across the year. Some (marked as LIVE) are things you can do right now:

How To Silence Your Inner Critic

LIVE How to Silence your Inner Critic.

Write Your Book Proposal - Fast

LIVE Write your Book Proposal - Fast.

Think Like A Journalist

LIVE The Art of Hooking a Reader.

Dreaming In Books

LIVE Create Scenes and Drive Narrative.

Impro for Storytellers

Impro for Storytellers.

A Writer's Guide to Rhetoric

A Writer's Guide to Rhetoric.

Core Elements of Your Story

Core Elements of Your Story.

Easy Video 10 Days

Easy Video in 10 Days.

The Spectrum of Publishing

The Spectrum of Publishing.

Shaping the Writing As You Go

LIVE Shaping the Writing as you go.

Getting Your Book Out There

Getting Your Book out there.

If you are on a tight budget, start by joining one of the weekly online drop-ins, on Mondays at 5pm UK.

It’s free, but I will share a link for contributions (recommended: £25).

Enter your email and I’ll send you the Zoom link:

If you enjoy it, you can upgrade to join the Writer’s Year ✏️ membership, with access to all weekly drop-ins as long as you choose to be a member (£50/month).

As a member, you’ll have access to a private group on Telegram where you can find allies, learn from each other, and hold yourself accountable.

I’m in the group myself and like to be an active member.

Telegram is like WhatsApp, but I prefer it.

After that, if you’re still making progress – and if I have any availability – you may want to upgrade to one-to-one mentoring.