Garden Tour | Artist In Residence report

On the garden tour in Dorset I was going from garden to garden, and from one part of a garden to another part of a garden, with other people.

Following the Garden Tour, Manor Farm, Stoke Abbot.jpeg
Following the tour, Stoke Abbott.

We didn’t move fast, but nor were we particularly slow.

I didn’t have time to stop and draw on my iPad.

Even if I did have time, I never knew what I might see around the corner – either more or less appealing than what I happened to be looking at.

So in promising places I took lots of photos to make into a collage, later:

Old Rectory, Netherbury (photo collage).jpg
The Old Rectory, Netherbury.

You’ll see that the collaged photos don’t fit together perfectly. The angle is wide, and the effect a bit weird. I’m happy about that because copying a photograph directly can be very boring.

Here’s another:

Symondsbury Manor from Garden (photo collage).jpg
Peanut, my schnauzer companion, was looking very alert for the photo.

For the same, reason I sometimes take off my glasses to ensure the picture will be less precise, reduce the desire to make it even remotely photographic.

Blurry, wonky, as I like it.

With the picture of the Old Rectory at Netherbury, I further “alienated” myself from the photo collage by drawing it as an upright, portrait-style picture rather than landscape.

Tall works better on social media, they say.

Thank you for reading. Your attention is precious.

You can see more pictures of the tour, and also buy prints of my drawings, by following the link below.

Click here for more pictures of the tour.