"AM's House in Islington"

Commission: Family Home, London

I was commissioned to draw this as a surprise present for AM’s 80th birthday.

After about 90 minutes at the fairly crowded party, in a restaurant nearby, I sneaked out to take a few photographs of the house where AM has lived for quite a number of years.

(To be fully transparent, I’d intended to draw it from Google Streetview, but for some strange glitchy reason, AM’s house isn’t easy to see there.)

I had remembered correctly that the house has wisteria, and roses. Alas, only the roses were in flower at the time I took the photos, but artistic licence allowed me to draw in the dangling blue clusters of flowers.

AM telephoned me to say she loved the picture. She particularly liked that I had made the wisteria bloom again.

Line drawing on A6 paper, scaled up to A4 and coloured digitally.


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