Fail happily

Fail happily. That’s one of the key things you learn when you train in improvisation – because if you can fail happily you won’t mind just trying things – you won’t get all tied up / constipated / frozen with the fear of failure.

Well, I totally failed with this loaf: hurrah!

It didn’t rise that much, dunno why, and I made the elementary mistake of leaving the oven too hot, for too long, so the outside started to get very brown (just short of burned) before the inside was cooked properly.

“Slightly indigestible,” H said this morning, as charmingly as possible.


That point notwithstanding I am pleased to report that my first attempt in years to make my own yoghurt, in a thermos given to me by my mum, and using Yeo Valley as starter, has proved a towering success etc etc… Yeo Valley can jolly well stick its yoghurt pots up its jumper. (Not really: I love Yeo Valley.)

So, the point about improvising is not that you are destined to fail, but that you can be open to that possibility. You might fail. But you might not. And life is too short not to try things.