Easy Video in 10 Days / 9

Ask a question directly to camera

A few years ago, I was invited as guest to a book group discussing a novel I’d published.

Before meeting the group, I asked what questions they had.

For each question, I recorded an answer in a short video, then uploaded all the questions and video replies onto a single page of this site.

Like this:

Book Group Q&A Screenshot.jpg
Screenshot of the top of that page.

My hope was that others, in future, might have similar questions, so I was creating a lasting resource.

I’m not sharing the actual page here because it would be a distraction.

But this GIF gives a close-up sense of what it’s like for readers to scroll down:

Your Task

Please film yourself speaking briefly to camera. Ask a question that may be in your viewer’s minds.

Add footage (any kind of footage, not necessarily of you) that directly answers the question.

If you’ve gone blank:

Lou, in the Telegram group, raised the question of what art materials she takes with her when she leaves home – and then showed those materials.

Fiona, a travel journalist, showed what she saw on her trip to Jerez, in Spain. (It didn’t rain ALL the time.)

This YouTube Short describes what I’d like you to do.


If you’re in the Private Telegram Group, please post yours there.

Till next time.


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