Easy Video in 10 Days / Sign Up

Watch this: Truly Basic Welcome Video

(I don’t want to intimidate anyone with high production values.)


What might be possible if you were confident making videos?

Before you do anything else, please take a moment to think carefully about this question:

It’s deceptively simple. I challenge you to write down answers on a piece of paper. Make a list. Then pick out the most important.

Don’t skip this!

Everything you do afterwards will depend on your answer. It can be a massive ambition or a small one. There’s no right or wrong.

The point is to be clear about why YOU want to make videos.

What you’ll learn

There are ten lessons, spread over ten days. You will gradually become more comfortable showing more of yourself, by doing the following:

  1. Make a video from a single still image, plus text
  2. Use one main image and another laid on top, to reveal more about yourself
  3. Combine multiple still images / clips to tell a simple story
  4. Find footage to illustrate any subject imaginable
  5. Use close-up to make a story more pointed
  6. Record voiceover and generate captions
  7. Find the point of a video by asking the right questions
  8. Play with slow-mo, and acceleration
  9. Speak directly to camera
  10. Cut slow videos to be more to-the-point

How it works

The lessons are paced out over ten days to keep the daily work to a minimum, and so that you can consolidate what you’ve learned.

And there’s a Private Group, which makes the experience vastly more effective.

It’s hard to do this on your own.

In the group, you can ask me questions and practice posting things in a private space. A bit like this (from a previous course):

And as well as having access to me, you’ll have access to other members attempting to do the same thing as you.

You’ll receive support and accountability – and you’ll be able to provide that to others. I can’t overstate how important that is.

Encouraging comment from a group member.


The private group is on Telegram, which is much like WhatsApp.

Here’s a GIF showing someone new to Telegram receive a short video message from me. She replied instantly with one of her own:

If you haven’t already set up a Telegram account, please do that soon.


Whether or not you join the private group, we’ll be using Instagram to make the videos.

To be clear, you don’t need to post anything on Instagram (unless you want to).

You can make your videos in Instagram, save them to your phone without posting, and post them elsewhere: LinkedIn, your website, anywhere.

If you haven’t already set up an Instagram account, please do that soon.