Easy Video in 10 Days / 10

Cut back a long video to make it zing

My friend Robert Twigger told me he wanted a video to put on his website, aimed at writers looking for coaching and mentoring.

Rob (left) is a fellow author. Picture shows us together at Trinity College Dublin.

So without further ado, and no prep whatsoever, I interviewed Rob on Zoom for about ten mins.

Before I show you how I cut it to a mere 90 seconds – and then just 59 seconds – you’ll find it useful to watch the full raw (unedited) interview:

The editing process

For the first edit, known as a Rough Cut, I removed myself entirely, and removed bits that Rob obviously wouldn’t want or need.

THEN I cut a further 30 seconds.

Watch the 90-second Rough Cut, and immediately afterwards (in the same video) the 59-second Fine Cut. The Rough Cut is in black and white:

I challenge you, as you watch, to tell me how I cut 30 seconds from it?!


Your (Final!) Task

Edit one of your existing videos, cutting the length by one-third. Record a new voiceover.

Extra Tip: Don’t worry too much about synchronising your lips. I quite like being lazy and recording totally new words over clips of myself talking about something else – or not moving my lips at all:

If you’re in the Private Telegram Group, please post yours there.

That’s the end of the course, but it’s not too late to join the group, if you still want support and accountability.