Draw your old toys

If you still have your old toys – draw those. If you don't, just draw the first toy that comes into your memory.

Use one colour, or several. Make it hyper-real, or super-sketchy. Use paper, or do it on a screen. The choice is yours. Don't worry if you think you can't draw. Everybody can draw! But if it makes you feel better, don't call it drawing. Call it “making marks on paper”, and do it anyway. Anything you create is uniquely yours. Nobody else can do it that way. And thank goodness, because if everybody drew like Rembrandt, the world would be a poorer place.

After you have finished drawing, make some notes: who gave you that toy, how old were you at the time, how long did you continue to play with it, and who else has played with it since? If the toy could speak, what might it say to you now?

(If you like, add a speech bubble to your drawing, and write the toy's words inside.)