Discover your family story

We're John-Paul Flintoff and Harriet Green – we're married, with a daughter. As journalists, we've helped thousands of people tell their stories. And we've written The Family Project to help YOU discover yours.

The book prompts you to re-enact old family photoes, write a letter to somebody you miss, remember lost pets and quiz your parents about their earliest memories. Follow the exercises, and you'll become a doodler, detective, cartographer, historian, anthropologist, peace-maker and author.

Most importantly, you'll be talking things over with the people who matter to you most – from grandparents to grandchildren.

The more you put in, the more valuable the book will become – a moving, unique record of the people who came before you and something to pass on to future generations.

What are you waiting for?! You can buy the book in all the usual places, but to support the publisher, you might like to buy it from The Guardian bookshop.