Design Your Own T-shirt (Like I Do)

Did I mention that I like to design my own T-shirts? Well, I’ve mentioned it now.

Recently, Caroline W asked me to make a T-shirt showing her lovely dog. Here’s what I did. First, I cut out the very appealing face (!) she sent me on Whatsapp, then I imported it to Procreate on my iPad. I multiplied and manipulated it to form a pyramid.

Finally, made a few tweaks to the colour, light and saturation, so the faces weren’t too same-y.

Having done that, I went to Printful, where I get my own T-shirts made (and sometimes other things too).

I was about to do this for Caroline when I realised that it might be helpful to make a quick film showing how I do it, so that you can do the same. (Caroline or anybody else.) I hope you find it useful:

You can create your own Printful account here: