40 Days of Coaching


In this 6 week coaching course, I will personally help you with all the things listed in the Silver Membership (on this page).


A 60 minute one-to-one coaching session in which I will personally challenge and encourage you to make the very best of the 40 day programme.

I recommend that you take advantage of this session before diving into the course.

Spaces are strictly limited because I have little time available for one-to-one coaching, so please complete your purchase quickly. NOTE: I will be sure to arrange a time to suit you.

What clients say

You took the talk somewhere I had not expected. As a CEO, people don't challenge me directly, but you pushed and challenged me in a way I've not had for years. I've learned a lot.
Grahame, third-sector CEO
I can’t believe the impact of a one-hour conversation.
Janet, project manager
You've done just what I wanted, which was to get things moving forward. You've been surprisingly challenging.
Emma, business owner



In this 6 week coaching course, I will personally help you with all the things listed in the Bronze membership (on this page).


Weekly Q&A where you join me with others to fix whatever’s on your mind.

Even if you have no questions to share, I strongly urge you to attend, or listen to the replay while it is still available.

NOTE: to serve clients based in different parts of the world, I will hold Q&As at different times of day, from one week to the next.

What clients say

You coached me out of a hopeless rut in my life. The big thing was to teach me to value delight over duty. That liberated me so much.
Sophie, entrepreneur
You challenge my way of thinking. I have a lot of realisations when I'm with you. It's like dominoes knocking each other over.
Satnam, startup CEO, health sector
JP is brilliant. The coaching helped me to find the strength to have important conversations and to make change happen in my life. It was also a lot of fun!
Beatriz, education sector



In this 6 week coaching course, I will personally help you to:

  1. set ambitious, achievable goals
  2. overcome perfectionism
  3. silence your inner critic
  4. balance work with life
  5. learn to be confident
  6. dare to take risks
  7. find your purpose
  8. access your creativity
  9. seize enjoyment in what you do
  10. create better habits
  11. stop hiding parts of yourself, and use it ALL
  12. find allies, and ask for help

This course has been designed to be released over six weeks, to give you time to absorb fully all the lessons in it. Your time is precious, and I will NOT be sending you something every day!

What clients say

How have I changed, since the coaching started? I'm more confident to express myself. I'm more curious. I'm less fragile about trying things. I'm better at asking for feedback. I feel more connected.
Martin, social entrepreneur
Liz headshot
I thought, maybe we can make a bit of headway and you, like, ballooned it and it was, wow, what have we got? You have some kind of magic there.
Liz, entrepreneur