Changing communities together

The government of Northern Ireland put together a programme of workshops for me to deliver, covering change-making, communication, confidence, creativity and leadership.

I ran the sessions with groups from across Belfast, and learned from every group – especially when they didn’t want to do what I’d planned, as shown in this film, and I had to come up with something better.

This video shows most of the groups we worked with, and where I can I’m including a web link here, so you can find out more:
Active Communities Network,
Alternatives NI,
Dundonald High School,
Hydebank Wood Young Offenders College and Women’s Prison,
New Lodge Arts Group,
New Lodge Youth Group,
Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland,
Public Achievement,
Sandy Row Community Centre,
Shankill Women’s centre,
United Youth,
Young Influencers, and
Youth Action.

The film was shot and edited by Michael Foster, with Carl Quinn, Gary Stewart and Mark Rainey.

Thank you to Eva Grosman and John Alderdice of the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building, for the original idea, Conor Houston for making the workshops happen, and the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, for funding us.