Everyday objects to give your life more meaning

This woman, Sophie Howarth, gave me a fiendish challenge: to combine conversation, mindfulness and coaching in a range of commercial homeware.

Video: 2 mins 57 secs

Using Pinterest to gather ideas

I’ve been collecting images of blue and white china for some time. Here are some of the images that helped to inspire my range.

Click picture to see the Pinterest board.

What does yours say?

What does it take to create meaningful connection? A hot drink! To start a revolution in conversations, I’m taking specially designed mugs, and tea, to get people talking.

Video: 2 mins 36 secs

Mock-up Mugs

The finished mugs had words on the inside.

Me and Rachel designing the plate

Pic by Rachel.

What’s on your plate?

Testing the plates on a group of 50 people, with The Big Lunch in Belfast.

Video: 3 mins 27 secs