Book-making is craftivism too

Nobody enjoys hearing objections. And I hate to object. Today, inspired by my friends in the craftivist movement, I decided to do something different. I set aside several hours to make little books to send to councillors who will decide our fate at another big meeting later this week.

A developer is trying to build something at the end of my garden that's 3.5 times the size of what was there before. I don't want it! Like many of my neighbours I have objected in the way officials expect: by letter, and online, and in person to elected officials. (At a formal council meeting two of us neighbours were given just three minutes each to get across the strength of feeling shared by hundreds of others.)

The books were made using scrap paper that I managed to run through my laser printer, as well as ribbons, children's stickers and coloured pens. The glue was wheat paste, and most of the text was typed on an old manual typewriter I picked up a few years ago on eBay.

The councillors will each receive their copy at home. I hope they will find it pleasant, rather than shouty.