"The Best Mangos in London"

When she was very ill, my friend Tazeen asked me to do some shopping for her. She wanted, among other things, mangos from this particular shop on Green Lanes. She said they were the best mangos in London.

I remember that they were, indeed, very good mangos.

Not for sale.


Alt Text Challenge

As part of a one-week pop-up newsletter (ending early Nov 2021), I’m challenging readers to provide “Alt Text” to a series of pictures.

Alt Text is used to describe online images to people with visual impairment – to say what the picture shows, and to give a sense of its “feel”.

The first entry to come in is inserted as the actual Alt Text. One that came very soon afterwards was this:

A simply painted greengrocer’s shop with stacked baskets of colourful red, orange and green fruit and vegetables. Blue shopping baskets prop up bicycles as a woman approaches the entrance.