Be Drawn for Soho’s Homeless: Shelley and Joe

Shelley was one of The Union’s first members: back in 1993 she was given a metal membership token – number 22.

Shelley asked me to explain how to get a print of her drawing.

For her sake, and for anybody else who might want it, I made the video at the bottom of this page.

You too can help The Union to raise funds for Soho’s homeless

To find out how, read this.

Printing instructions for Shelley and Joe

For my own art printing, I use It just so happens they sent me a promotion this week if I introduce others to their service. With the discount code (RZNJV57) you can get 50% off at the checkout on your first order.

FYI, the normal price of a high quality 9 × 6 inch print is £8ish. Larger is more expensive (obviously).

I can’t help you with the printing, but it’s very simple.

Just upload the digital file I send you to The Print Space website, choose your size, and don’t forget to add the discount code at checkout: RZNJV57.