Be Drawn for Soho’s Homeless: Fionnuala Halligan

We had a problem with the audio, so we typed messages to each other, using Zoom’s chat

JP: can you hear me?
I can’t hear anything
do you want to go ahead and be drawn anyway?

Finn: me either not a thing and don’t know why

JP: Or would you like to fix the audio

Finn: yes please

JP: Ah – go ahead anyway?

Finn: audio is my kryptonite
yes please

JP: OK, do you have somewhere you can rest the camera so you are further back in the pic?
table or something?
how exciting to work without sound.

Finn: yes will do that, can you give me thumbs up

[5 mins later]

JP: That was such fun
thank you.

Finn: I thought it was like the silent movies !

JP: can I save and use this text chat on a blog post?

Finn: so funny thank you !
yes totally !

JP: thank you thank you thank you

Finn: thank you JP what fun that was

JP: i (also) wish we could have chatted but perhaps I will see you at the club

Finn: yes! see you at the club.
we can sign language each other a drink !

You too can help The Union to raise funds for Soho’s homeless

To find out how, read this…