Ask relatives to describe what you do

It sounds simple, but the answers can be surprising.

Not long ago, I asked Harriet and Nancy to describe what I do – and sent an email to other relatives asking them the same thing – begging them to answer spontaneously, and not to look anything up. Most haven't replied yet. But here's a preliminary report, describing what I do:

  1. You're a writer, a lecturer and a person of many parts.
  2. You inspire and motivate in a lively and bonkers way.
  3. You keep looking.
  4. You do lots of coaching and always pick me up from school and make delicious food. You are also a journalist and do a lot of art.
  5. You eagerly take on new challenges (even dangerous ones) and seek to broaden your horizons; with H you do a brilliant job of bringing up and encouraging N to do the same.
  6. You are a creative force in your community and globally. 
  7. You are a wonderful, thought-provoking journalist and a life coach which I personally think all add tremendous value to people's lives. 

What generous comments! I feel very grateful for these replies – and to have tried this exercise.

Why don't you give it a go?