Online Drawing Collaboration #6


“Mountains with cherubs” | JPF and Joel Levack

It was my idea to use today’s session to design a mug.

I wanted it to include five roundels, giving something different to look at from every angle. And I wanted decorative elements from traditional chinaware – dots, and fleur de lys.

I thought at first it might be blue-and-white china, as this 30 second taster from our session shows:

You may be wondering what papier-mache things Joel is talking about. I’ll post something about those soon.

As you have seen already, in the picture at the top, my blue-and-white idea didn’t work out.

To see how we ended up with the yellow-on-red cherubs, which Joel previously put on a tea towel he designed, and why there are coloured circles within circles over Joel’s mountain painting, you’ll need to watch the whole video:

Special edition: buy the finished mug

Online Drawing Collaboration #5


“House of Dreams” | JPF and Steve Chapman

Steve mentioned a place he’d visited in south London, and I found it on Google Maps.

Picture, taken from Google Streetview, of the House of Dreams in south London.

I took a screen grab, and we started drawing and talking (as much as that’s possible).

In passing, we discussed (among other things) why Steve likes to kill off projects when they’re at their peak, the value of constraints on any artistic endeavour, and how to use online space as a gallery.

You can watch the session (lucky you!)

Online Drawing Collaboration #3


“Starman” | JPF and Valene P

At the start, Valene reassured me that she isn’t “the best artist” (phew!).

But she was willing to give it a go:

Looking back at the end, she seemed pleased with how it had gone:

As these tasters from our session make clear, “drawing” doesn’t only describe the finished product, but also the process.

Both can give pleasure.

Thanks Valene!

Online Drawing Collaboration #2


“The Visitation” | JPF and Joel Levack

After starting my online “pilgrimages” via Google Streetview, I’ve been looking out for images on there that might illustrate biblical stories.

Joel was up for working on this idea. We aimed to keep to a time limit, and only just managed to insert a crucial element before Joel rang the bell.