“Woman concentrating on writing” | signed, limited edition print 8″ x 12″


Signed, numbered print, from limited edition of 15.

50% of profits go to Woman’s Trust during Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2020).

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In psychiatric hospital, I felt worthless. I had lost a clear sense of who I am, what I have done with my life, and what I can do with the time left to me – however long that might be.

Gradually I came to see that I have been given a talent for writing and drawing, and that it would be very ungrateful to undervalue those talents, such as they are.

I determined to make writing and drawing my central focus. Not only by doing it, but also by teaching. This drawing is of a woman who took part on a residential writing retreat I ran soon afterwards.

I was struck by her concentration, and the pleasure she took from something that she also plainly found difficult at times. I made a drawing, about writing. I hope it might inspire you to use your talents.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 8 × .1 in

Giclee print
11 inks, CMYK colour model. High dots per inch.
310 gsm heavyweight Hahnemuhle German Etching paper.
Matt finish, slightly warm white, textured.
80 years archival life.


8" x 12"


Pen and felt tip markers on paper.
Not for sale.

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