“Serenity Prayer Yoga” | signed, limited edition print 8″ x 12″


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Signed, numbered print, from limited edition of 15.

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My psychiatrist told me to make friends with my inner child – little JP. She also told me to do lots of exercise.

But I was restricted to the psychiatric hospital. I was under observation for several days, for my own safety. I certainly wasn’t allowed out for a run alone.

So I did yoga once a week for an hour when the teacher was in, and I did it again in my room, just me and my inner child.

I thought the Serenity Prayer went pretty well with it, as a wholesome mantra to repeat while I was doing, eg, Downward Dog.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 8 × .1 in

Giclee print
11 inks, CMYK colour model. High dots per inch.
310 gsm heavyweight Hahnemuhle German Etching paper.
Matt finish, slightly warm white, textured.
80 years archival life.


8" x 12"


Pen and wax crayon on paper.
Not for sale.

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