A stunningly beautiful long-distance interactive artistic family heirloom for Christmas in lockdown

Ooh how mysterious!

Not available yet, but coming soon.



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A family project, designed specially for long-distance collaboration in lockdown, creating a unique, beautiful image of a place that matters to you all.

Working together on this piece over a week, you will get the chance to commemorate multiple memories at once, using a combination of photographic collage and illustration.

If everybody wants to join in the image-making process, that’s more fun – but if some prefer to suggest ideas, that’s fine too.

We are able to oversee and prompt your artistic process, or do much of it for you.

The project will be overseen by John-Paul Flintoff, writer and illustrator. His books have been published in 16 languages worldwide, and include The Family Project (Faber & Faber).

The final image will be printed in archival inks on heavyweight artist paper; two large-format prints are included as part of the price. (Price of additional prints available on request.)


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