Be Drawn – a witness to doctors and nurses


I’m doing a project, drawing portraits of medics – as a kind of thank you in “witness” of their contribution at this grisly time.

My portraits don’t aim to be photographic, but to give a lively sense of a person. (See this similar project.)

If you know a little about me and my drawing already, I hope you might forward this to doctors or nurses you know, with a recommendation that they let me draw them (to be clear: at no charge).

If you are a doctor or nurse and this was forwarded to you, and you are willing – please email me.

I will draw you over Zoom (online). It will take ten minutes, at most 15, at a time to suit us both.

If you only want my drawing as a digital file – great. I’ll send you that. (Again, no charge.)


Entirely optional

If you wish, I can also record the drawing session, in which we chat about your work. The recording will show both of us – me drawing, you being drawn. (It will be a little like this video, for a similar project.)

The recording will help to capture a sense of the wonderful work you are doing.

If you want a print

I use for my own fine art prints. If you like my drawing and want a physical copy, you can get 50% off at the checkout on your first order with this code: RZNJV57

The Print Space have offered me a credit worth 10% of whatever you spend. But I don’t care about that. I am sharing this only because you might want 50% off.