Raise funds for Soho’s homeless


Hi, I’m JP Flintoff.

I’m helping The Union club to raise funds for Soho’s homeless community – by drawing club members like you!

For your donation, I will draw you over Zoom. It will take ten minutes, at most 15, at a time to suit us both.

Your donation will help to support a homeless community that is more than usually vulnerable during the epidemic of coronavirus.

If you only want my drawing as a digital file – great. I’ll send you that. Here are some I did already:

If you want it printed on fine art paper, with light-fast ink, I won’t be able to sort it out for you but the process is simple, and I have just this week been offered a 50% discount by the printer I use (details below).

Thank you club member Jaime Marshall for this idea.

Entirely optional

If you wish, I can also record the drawing session, in which we chat about this and that, as in the video above. The recording will show both of us – me drawing, you being drawn.

The recording will (I guess) be uploaded to The Union website, helping to sustain a sense of the club’s members while we’re all apart.

But like I say, the video bit is entirely optional.


Just click on this link to find a day and time that suits you:


You can send it to The Union, using this PayPal link (and the reference “Be Drawn”):

Printing discount

For my own art printing, I use https://theprintspace.com. It just so happens they sent me a promotion this week if I introduce others to their service.

With the discount code (RZNJV57) you can get 50% off at the checkout on your first order. The normal price of a high quality 9 x 6 inch print is £7.35. Larger is more expensive (obviously).

I can’t help you with the printing, but it’s really very simple. Just upload the digital file I send you to the Print Space website, choose your size, and don’t forget to add the discount code at checkout: RZNJV57

POSTSCRIPT: I made a video showing how to upload your picture, for Shelley and Joe. It might help you too:


Yes, I know, you want to see the drawing I did of Cat. Drum roll please… It’s here.