Just about holding it together


“You have plenty… use what you have.” This can be hard to believe, but it’s a recipe for finding gold in dust.

In 2010, I published a book (Sew Your Own) telling how I made my own clothes out of unlikely things – such as nettles, for the underpants.

(I know!)

Then I trained in impro, the theatrical discipline that sends you out there with nothing but what you already have. (And I went on to train others.)

When Sew Your Own came out, I met Fenella Rouse. Fenella recently asked to buy one of the customised postcards I’ve been posting about recently.

I could have added colour (pen, paint, ink, wax crayon blah blah) but since this was Fenella I thought I’d add some stitching instead.

I took from the waste paper bin offcuts from the “3D” thing I posted the other day and stitched them together.

It might look scrappy to you, but to me the plain white bookbinding thread adds a rich layer of metaphor.

Thanks Fenella for being the sort of person I feel confident to share this with (and to charge you for!).

Mental Health Awareness month: support Woman’s Trust


Can you help me to raise funds for Woman’s Trust, to help them help people at great risk during lockdown?

I’m giving Woman’s Trust 50% of profits from the sale of images on this page – but only during Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2020 (so please don’t hang around!).

Images from my breakdown

The images in this slideshow were drawn during my 2018 breakdown:

You can read more about my breakdown on Saatchi Art, where 8″ x 12″ prints of these images are on sale for between £30 and £45 (click here to open in a new window).

If you want something more exclusive – signed, limited edition prints, please keep reading this page.

(Either way, don’t forget to order before the end of May 2020 if you want to donate to Woman’s Trust.)

Signed, limited edition prints

The images above are also available in limited editions of 15 signed prints, but only on this website.

They’re on heavyweight archival paper, with lightfast inks, and come signed with a certificate.

And there’s more

The following drawings were commissioned specifically for Woman’s Trust by my late friend Tazeen Ahmad, who helped me to find confidence in my writing and drawing after I came out of hospital.

The originals sold last year. These signed, limited edition prints are on heavyweight archival paper, with lightfast inks. There are just 25 of each.

I’ll withdraw them from sale at the end of May.

NOTE: All prices include postage in the UK.

Dog portraits


Do you like dogs? This may be of interest.

Last year, a friend let us have her dog while she went away, and I drew Boogie’s portrait.

Then I started drawing portraits on Zoom to raise money for Soho’s Homeless during the lockdown. One man asked me to draw his daughters, separately, each with two dogs.

It was quite a challenge doing this on Zoom, not least because dogs don’t sit still. But I enjoyed it:

Thank you for reading.

Be Drawn for Soho’s Homeless: Jonathan Bannister


Jonathan waves his hands very expressively, so I gave him more than two.

In case you think that I’m unhappy about this, I am absolutely not. It was a delightful challenge, and made me smile.

But I see that I somehow let (one of) his right hand(s) lose the rings he wears. Oops! That’s speed-drawing for you.

This was drawn as part of a fundraiser organised by The Union members club, to raise money for Soho’s Homeless.

Here’s a sense of Jonathan’s expressive movement:

You too can help The Union to raise funds for Soho’s homeless

To find out how, Read This>>

Be Drawn for Soho’s Homeless: Zoe Cunningham


I’m not absolutely sure where Zoe’s based, but she has a wonderful view.

Unfortunately, there was no way to capture it and keep her from going into silhouette, so she sat in front of this interestingly spare clock.

This was drawn as part of a fundraiser organised by The Union members club, to raise money for Soho’s Homeless.

Here’s the moment where Zoe takes a peek:

You too can help The Union to raise funds for Soho’s homeless

To find out how, Read This>>

Be Drawn, at Hampstead Parish Church


I made that trailer (above) to keep things short.

The gallery below is my best effort to show you the pictures in full:

There are still a few pictures I have not yet sent out, or posted here. If you’d like to receive those, there’s a link at the bottom of the page.

And if you would like to order prints of the images, on art paper with lightfast ink, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I happen to have been given a 50% discount code by the printer I use.

Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you think.


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