Welcome To The Art Department

I make art to celebrate what seems beautiful, reflect on things that are painful, and generally understand the world around me.

My art is often figurative. It often involves drawing and painting. But I also make physical objects with an expressionistic quality, and I have a lifelong fascination with folding paper, and making books.


Mostly drawn from observation

Ad majorem Dei gloriam

Where does inspiration come from?


Mostly I use oil. In a hurry, acrylic

Life Drawing

…and life painting

States of Mind

When I became ill, I drew

Sew your Own

Works made with needles


Cups, jugs, teapots and more

Books by their covers

Novels, poetry, biography – all kinds of books I like

Be Drawn for The Union

Rapid portraits, on Zoom

In Memoriam F.T.A.

Saying goodbye to my friend


It’s restful to draw my surroundings


Painted, drawn or stuck in a book


…of other people

Be Drawn

Portraits of a parish

Homes, Workplaces

Places people gather, inside and out


I never lack for a model