6 x Sessions for Writers

Work on your writing over six sessions with me. I’ll hold you to account, which can make all the difference in what is otherwise a solitary pursuit. If you do this as a pair, or in a small group, I’ll encourage you also to do that for each other.

Buy six sessions with an experienced writer, to look at everything from the overall structure to the shape of individual sentences.

I’ve been a journalist, a novelist, a theatrical performer. As a teacher I spent seven years with The School of Life, and I taught the first ever week-long writer’s “residential” (during lockdown) for Arvon, the writing foundation.

I’ve tried to price this so that it’s attractive to individuals, pairs and small groups. If you want me to read your work beforehand (which I can only do for individuals and pairs), I’m charging just £25 on top of the cost of the session.

If you are part of a group, this can cost you as little as £22 per person, per session.

I created this for a couple of writers who asked me to do so. I may have done so in a way that doesn’t make sense, or work for you. If so, please don’t hesitate to ask / tell me. I love to teach writing and storytelling, and want to make this work.

Thank you for reading.

Monthly at time and date TBA, Fortnightly at time and date TBA
Solo, Pair, Small Group
What’s Included
Just The Session, Send me up to 2,000 words to read beforehand