40 days of coaching: Bronze SALE (1077)

What clients say

“John-Paul spoke my language. He helped me get out of my own way. He made me even more confident – no mean feat! Best of all, JP inspired me enough to add life coaching as another string to my bow” – Michael, actor

Bronze Membership

Each week, I'll share two pieces of content that I routinely offer in live workshops with a £45.00 entry fee.

Additionally, I will give you access to recordings of the weekly Q&A, so you can internalise the processes of coaching, and coach yourself.

You can see elsewhere on this page how much I charge for coaching.

This course is the best I can do to make it available to everybody.

If you are still not convinced, and you are still reading, I can only ask: do you really think that changing the course of your life is worth LESS than this?

What this is worth:

6 x Recorded Weekly Q&As, worth £720.00
Twelve Powerful Pieces of Content, worth £540.00
Subtotal £1260.00

We love you JP
- Alain de Botton, founder, The School of Life

Money back guarantee

If you are unsatisfied after 20 days, I promise a total refund, no quibbles. (Just tell me what I could have done better.) So there’s really no good reason not to go ahead…


If you buy now: £105 + VAT
(90% off)

This is a huge discount, to launch this programme, and I reserve the right to increase my fee any time