For Jaime Marshall, re: Working With S.S.

Hi Jaime

Thanks for your patience. I was on a tight deadline yesterday.

And thank you for recommending me to Sumant. We had a productive meeting on Saturday. If it’s done right, this book could have a big impact.

This note explains how we could work together.

Creating Momentum

Sumant is keen to get the project under way quickly, and to finish soon.

I recently concluded my work on another book, and am able to get started talking with Sumant in person or on Zoom.

We could also share asynchronous messages over an encrypted channel such as Telegram, which lets me turn voice messages into text. (If WhatsApp does that, WhatsApp could work too.)

Book Proposal + Sample Chapter

The way I propose working (and my quote reflects this) is to speak directly with Sumant to capture the ideas he already has – and new ones too.

(Other authors have told me the conversations are a great place for creative thinking.)

I will record and transcribe our conversations, and use the transcripts to write a rough first draft, saving much time and effort for Sumant.

When that rough draft is done, it’s likely I’ll have many additional questions – aimed at spotlighting key messages and turning statements into stories, full of life.

Fee Structure

Based on previous experience, using this process to write the proposal and sample chapter could take between three weeks and a month – depending on Sumant’s availability.

Fee: £6k payable (50% up front, 50% on delivery/acceptance).

Looking ahead…

If Sumant would like to continue working with me after a publisher gets involved, my fee for a work of this kind would be between £30,000 and £50,000.

This depends on a range of factors, including the type of work actually required to produce a great book and the nature of the publishing deal.

My fee for completing the manuscript will reflect the factors mentioned above against the delivery date Sumant agrees in the publishing contract.

If the delivery date is extended for reasons beyond my control, I will charge a weekly or monthly amount proportionate to the previously agreed terms.

Any reasonable expenses will be agreed in advance.

Any other details, I’d be happy to discuss.

I’m excited to get started.

Best wishes