Show Up On Video - Without Technical Overwhelm or Scary Exposure

Do you sometimes think about making videos – but never do it?

This will get you started.

This page is only for patrons of my various projects

Easy Video in 10 Days is a highly interactive course, in a private group. It takes place – you’ll be astonished to learn – over a period of 10 days.

Each day, you get a task that takes about 10 to 15 mins.

But there’s no scheduled group call, so you can do each day’s activity whenever you’re ready.


I COULD make it possible for you to gallop ahead. But I don’t recommend that.

The course is designed to get you used to showing more and more of yourself – gradually. Over 10 days, you will:

1. Overcome fear of the tech

2. Get used to seeing yourself on screen

3. Get used to hearing your voice

4. Get started, as opposed to always meaning to do it “some day”

5. Enjoy the support of a private group of other people ALMOST as interesting, charming and attractive as yourself


I’m going to offer access more widely, but I’d love you to join.

And because you are an interesting, charming, and attractive patron of my projects I’m offering access for just £147.

(Yep: Half price.)


That said, it starts on Monday (29 Jan 2024)

I know we’re all busy. So I won’t be AT ALL offended if you don’t join this time.

But I WOULD love it if you joined.

I’ve created a link to the private Telegram group (Telegram is like WhatsApp).

The link expires tomorrow night (Sunday 28 Jan) at 11.59.

Please only join if you are really committed

That is, if you really want to make videos, and promise to join in.

If that’s understood, here’s the link:

Join The Group

Your pal,