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The Course

If you sign up to ENJOY SPEAKING | 30 DAYS, you’ll get:

✅ Five Modules, taking you approximately two hours each.

✅ Homework, built around ideas from from Rhetoric, Speechwriting, Journalism, Event Planning, Preaching, Litigation, Politics, Theatrical Impro, Sales, Activism and Motivational Speaking.

✅ Case Studies, including beginners who overcame their own fears to start public speaking.

✅ Audio files and transcripts.

✅ Access to me during two 60 minute “office hours” each week. If you’re the only person who comes along, it’s basically a one-to-one session.

✅ Access to ongoing mutual support in a Private LinkedIn Group.

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What Happened?

I mentioned on the previous page that I ran a course before the book came out. It was highly participative, with 90 minute Zoom calls and one-to-one sessions.

Over a few weeks, individuals who hadn’t known each other at all became a powerful source of inspiration and encouragement.

Here’s some of the feedback they gave each other during and after those final talks:

12:42:20 Great delivery!
12:42:40 Real gravitas and powerful
12:50:01 Love the playfulness
12:55:41 Really inspiring, makes me want to see your work
12:56:10 really interesting, was with you the whole way through
12:56:45 Very natural and engaging – brilliant project!
13:05:26 Loved the down to earthiness of your talk
13:06:03 Really well put and clear, and super relevant
13:13:22 Very moving
13:13:29 Incredibly powerful. Well done.
13:22:16 gripped to know what happens!
13:30:29 raw and honest, compelling to listen to
13:39:19 Delightful and surprising. Such a great idea for a talk – and good advice for our lives!

And the first participant on this course (the one you can sign up for, below) wrote this after joining me in the first Office Hours session:

I honestly can’t thank you enough for your time, attention, and insights today. They’ve been invaluable.

I’m not even two full lessons into this course, but already I’m thinking completely differently about what public speaking is, and how I might shape a personally meaningful talk into something valuable for others – a talk I would not have considered at all, had I not been (gently) pushed to consider it!

I was also grateful for your honesty about your own public speaking experiences throughout this session. Not only were they fascinating to listen to and learn from, but I felt encouraged to open up in return. This has helped me define some more areas to think about for my Arrangement homework.

I’m a bit scared about where all this is going to end up (I’m thinking it might be a big, hairy talk!) but this is already turning out to be a thought-provoking and fulfilling course, so thank you again.

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It’s your turn now.

Two Kinds of Readiness

When it comes to speech-making, there are two kinds of readiness:

1. having everything planned in meticulous detail, right down to the timing of individual hand-movements.
2. being “ready for anything”.

The second kind of readiness is usually called confidence. It arises naturally as a result of working on the first, preparation. If you take my course, you’ll learn how.

I built the course to be flexible, with different options for people with differing needs.

You can do it alone, at your own speed. You can sign up for a month of personal help, in twice-weekly group zoom calls (no more than 15 people at once). And you can share your work in progress for personalised feedback from me. This table shows more detail.

Immediate Access to the whole course.
Five Modules, taking you approximately two hours each.
1. Invention. In this first module, you’ll learn to think about the specific nature of your audience, and the occasion, and what you actually want to achieve. Elementary? Perhaps, but if you don’t do this first, the next steps are impossible.
2. Arrangement. In this module, you’ll learn to think about the content of your speech through a variety of rhetorical filters – your “credentials”, your reasoning, your emotions – and learn to tweak it for different effects.
3. Style. This module is about taking the content you have prepared and making it shine at the moments where you want the most impact. It’s not about squeezing yourself into some idea of “correct” style but about finding your own style – because there’s nobody better qualified than you to give this particular speech.
4. Memory. In this part, you’ll be able to think about the importance (or not) of memorising your speech, and different ways to do that.
5. Delivery. The big moment. You’ll learn how to face an audience with relish, not dread. You’ll understand what to do if it “goes wrong” (whatever that means). You’ll be ready for anything.
Case Studies. Including beginners who overcame their own fears to start public speaking.
Audio files and transcripts.
Better Writing. Working on a wedding speech will improve your ability to make any kind of speech, but also your writing, which rests on the same rhetorical principles.
Office Hours Access for 30 days to any or all of my twice-weekly, hour-long Zoom meetings (Mondays and Thursdays between 12.30pm and 1.30pm UK).
Learn From Others You can pick up so much when you hear others wrestle with, essentially, the same issues as you.
Small Groups. I don’t allow more than 15 people into a Zoom. I can’t promise that many! It may be just you and me. If so, you can leave whenever you’ve got what you need.
Lifelong Learning. Ask questions, try things out – and you’ll see that this can help you in all speech-making and presenting, for a lifetime.
Personalised Content Feedback. Send me up to 1,500 written words and I’ll send it back to you with my comments and suggestions.
Personalised Delivery Feedback on your delivery. Send me an audio recording of your speech (maximum 10 minutes long). It doesn’t have to be complicated: just speak into your phone.


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I asked a few people to record video testimonials about my course.

David H. was one of the first I asked, and the first to say yes. (Thank you, David.)

Nina J. describes what makes this course different:

Joel L. recorded a spontaneous testimonial while cycling at night, without a microphone.

He later recorded another, but I enjoyed the spontaneity of this one, and Joel’s own relaxed confidence:


About My Own Talks
“Eloquent and talented” “One of the most powerful talks that I have ever been to” “Can’t Recommend Enough”
John-Paul delivered a highly memorable event for Linklaters. His personal story of going from ‘high flyer’ to ‘rock bottom’ was raw, honest and deeply affecting, moving many of us to tears. John-Paul is an eloquent and talented story-teller, sharing his journey through the medium of his powerful drawings and paintings. We found him to be most professional to work with and would definitely recommend. – Partner, Linklaters I just wanted to say that your presentation was one of the most powerful talks that I have ever been to. It was so raw, honest and exceptionally brave. It made me reach out to friends and colleagues, and will be something that I always remember. Thank you. – Partner, top 40 Law Firm Last week we held a very powerful session focused on high achievers and mental health. An award-winning journalist, author and performer came in to bravely share his personal journey of a mental health crisis. The talk was illustrated by his own drawings (which are very impressive). He was an incredibly engaging speaker, able to make you laugh, think and cry all at the same time! We received some of the best feedback to date from this event. We can’t recommend him enough. – HR, Slaughter and May


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