Reclaim Your Creativity | At Work and for Life

Six Coaching Sessions, With Unlimited Text Support

Where Did All The Fun Go?

Hard work, under pressure and over time, can hollow you out from the inside. Duty, seniority and responsibility drain pleasure away, and life itself becomes joyless.

We can help. Our package includes six sessions, and unlimited text support, to restore your best self.

By taking small creative risks, you’ll re-connect with your intuition. Intuition will lead you to the spark that makes work enjoyable, and you’ll feel it outside work too.

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How Does It Work?

You’ll be challenged to try things you haven’t done for years – to take small risks across a range of creative disciplines. You’ll be supported by a writer, artist and performer – and certificated coach – with serious, practical experience at the highest levels.

We don’t follow a set plan but start by talking about where you are now and where you want to be. To get you there, we could do some of these things:

Make up stories together, in person or online

Lots of people I work with feel creatively blocked. It can help to go for a walk. We can do it in real life.

Or online – “walking” together on Google Streetview, from anywhere to anywhere.

Either way, having something to look at tends to open up all kinds of possibilities.

Make art together

Drawing, even when you do it “badly”, is a relaxing context for conversation, and a chance to experience creative freedom.

1 min 41 secs

Using your hands

Sometimes digital gets overwhelming. A single sheet of A4 can be turned into a many-sided booklet, for writing or drawing in (or just pasting bits of collage):

52 secs


We’ll do some theatrical improvisation. Some people shrink at this, but it changed my life – and it can do that for you, too. Here I am, teaching impro in Korea.

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What To Expect

Don’t “do your best”. Enjoying your creativity is an end in itself. It eludes you if you expect too much from it, in terms of specific benefits and practical takeaways. So, don’t even try to be “good” at creativity.

The strange thing is that if you enjoy the process creativity tends to deliver real benefits: it’s playfulness that makes it practical.

Between us, we’ll create sessions that freewheel between playtime and pragmatism.

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Meet John-Paul

I was a writer and editor at the Financial Times, where I set up the current Saturday magazine; and then at The Sunday Times.

My best-selling book (so far!) is How To Change The World. Most recently I published A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech.

I’m a fully qualified executive coach, certified by the Co-Active Training Institute, with hundreds of hours of one-to-one work behind me. I had a breakdown in 2018, spent weeks in psychiatric hospital, and am much the better for it, thank you. I have given lots of illustrated talks about it, using drawings I made in hospital.

My goal is to leave you feeling focused, optimistic – and fully human again.

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